Halloween Photo Shoot

Halloween of 2012 I decided to do a studio set up at my local watering hole (Corner Bar) and make some high end portraits of everyone in their costumes. We’ve all seen the “photo booth” at the bar where they do snapshots of anyone who wants them. I wanted this to be shot more in the style I would shoot an editorial or commercial shoot. Below are some selections from that night as well as the lighting set up I used (really simple).

All the background color and hair light color was done in post. Typically these things would be done in camera with color gels: however being in a packed bar, assistant-less, and having one too many drinks myself I decided to do it in post.


  • Canon 5d Mark ii
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Two Pocket Wizard Plus
  • Two Profoto 600 monolights
  • Profoto Octabank
  • Dark grey seemless backdrop
new_diagram _MG_9971 _MG_0050 _MG_9943 _MG_0054 _MG_0064

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