Halloween Photo Shoot

Halloween of 2012 I decided to do a studio set up at my local watering hole (Corner Bar) and make some high end portraits of everyone in their costumes. We’ve all seen the “photo booth” at the bar where they do snapshots of anyone who wants them. I wanted this to be shot more in the style I would shoot an editorial or commercial shoot. Below are some selections from that night as well as the lighting set up I used (really simple).

All the background color and hair light color was done in post. Typically these things would be done in camera with color gels: however being in a packed bar, assistant-less, and having one too many drinks myself I decided to do it in post.


  • Canon 5d Mark ii
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Two Pocket Wizard Plus
  • Two Profoto 600 monolights
  • Profoto Octabank
  • Dark grey seemless backdrop
new_diagram _MG_9971 _MG_0050 _MG_9943 _MG_0054 _MG_0064

“The Unphotographed” featured on fstoppers.com

I was lucky enough to get a piece written about my photo series called “The Unphotographed” on fstoppers.com today.

Fstoppers is one of my favorite places to find info on photography, gear, and technique. It’s the first site I’m on in the morning and the last one I check before heading to bed, so this is definatly a cool thing to see them posting some of my work up there. Big thanks to writer Trevor Dayley for pushing this story forward.

You can read the article here.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.19.16 PM

The Unphotographed Series

Here is a portrait series done of employees of FVO Solutions-a company based out of Pasadena, Ca that employees special needs adults.

So much of my life and career is spent photographing people that are used to getting their picture done (musicians, actors, models, business people, etc. etc etc.) that it is easy to lose site of the people in society that never get asked to be in a photograph. Most of us will never know how that feels.

This is year two that I’ve donated my time to FVO and it is always one of the most rewarding shoots. I couldn’t be more honored to photograph such genuinely kind and open people.

Here is a video from last years shoot….

Untitled_00408 Untitled_00425 Untitled_00432 Untitled_00438 Untitled_00441 Untitled_00451 Untitled_00460 Untitled_00471 Untitled_00541 Untitled_00520 Untitled_00515 Untitled_00511 Untitled_00488 Untitled_00551 Untitled_00572 Untitled_00574 Untitled_00585 Untitled_00592 Untitled_00602 Untitled_00609 Untitled_00605 Untitled_00610 Untitled_00614

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